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Want diamonds that dazzle? We’ve got plenty. With Sparkle Cut, you get maximum sparkle – at a price that won’t make you faint.

We hand-pick only the best naturally-mined I, J, and K color grade diamonds (the ones industry elites like to ignore). Then we apply finishing cuts that give them 50% to 100% more sparkle than higher color grade diamonds – which can cost thousands more.

Color grade is the most expensive diamond characteristic, yet it’s essentially invisible – and has no influence on a diamond’s sparkle. Like, what, really? Looking at your diamond in real life, you’ll only notice the sparkle, not where it falls on the color grading spectrum.

Sparkle is scientifically measurable (plus, spectacular!), and every single one of our diamonds comes with certification to prove it. But if you still need some sparkle validation, read our money-back Sparkle Pledge.

Looking to give a different grade of diamond some Sparkle Cut love?
We work with the whole alphabet. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you source it.

We want you to have a remarkably sparkly diamond in a bigger-than-you-ever-thought-you-could-have size.

So that’s all we sell. Period.

The naked eye doesn’t lie.

We’re trained to believe that choosing a diamond is hard and mysterious. But the simple fact is –if it looks big and sparkly, it is big and sparkly. For most of soon-to-be-engaged humans, this is what’s important. Make your decision on what you can see.

The 4C's had a good run.
Now, meet the 3S's.


Let’s face it. It matters. Especially with diamonds. Sparkle Cut diamonds give you the most sparkle for the greatest value so you can get a diamond bigger than you imagined.


By far, the most sought after diamond shape (and the sparkliest) is the round cut – and Sparkle Cut has perfected it.


Sparkle Cut maximizes the sparkle in every diamond. You get 50% to 100% more sparkle than stones that cost thousands more.

“Sparkle Cut is the great equalizer, making even J and K color diamonds sparkle like much higher grade (and more expensive) diamonds.”

– Kalpesh Jhaveri

GIA Graduate Gemologist
Vice President, Diamond Club West Coast

They're real and they're spectacular!

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