Sparkle Cut® Technology

Dramatically improve Sparkle without changing the characteristics of a diamond.

Our patented nano-technology unleashes 50% – 100% more Sparkle.

  • AGS certified
  • 6.01 cts
  • 12.00 * 11.97 * 6.80
  • L color
  • SI2 clarity
  • Depth 56.7%
  • Table 59%
  • Cut grade Good
  • Fluorescence None
Diamond Diagram

How It Works

Diamonds with exceptional Sparkle to the naked eye, along with size, is what consumers want most from their diamonds.

Sparkle Cut® Technology can increase a diamond’s visible and measurable Sparkle by 50 – 100%. Using proprietary algorithms and highly sophisticated manufacturing techniques and software, Sparkle Cut® creates microscopic grooves on the surfaces of the lower pavilions, which are undetectable without high magnification. The Sparkle Cut® Technology redirects light that would normally leak from the diamond through the pavilion facets back up through the table where the light meets the eye.


Higher Sales, Conversion Rates, Pricing & Margins

Diamonds displaying the exceptional Sparkle created by Sparkle Cut® Technology are more desired by consumers, resulting in higher sales conversion rates, translating to larger profit margins and improving your bottom line.
Sparkle Cut® Technology Branded Line
Stand out from the crowd and offer diamonds with the Sparkle Cut® name, or create a unique and white-label brand of jewelry using Sparkle Cut® Technology.

Unique Upselling & Customer Retention

Offer a Sparkle Cut® Technology Improvement Service option to consumers purchasing new diamonds and bring back prior consumers to transform their old diamonds.

Learn More

Sparkle Cut® Technology offers an economical solution to provide your clients’ diamonds with exceptional Sparkle. You can create a branded line of diamonds for your top retailers or yourself with more incredible Sparkle than any other manufacturer or retailer and become recognized as a leader in diamond manufacturing technology.

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Sparkle Cut® Technology videos are a representation of the impact of the improvement process

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