Sparkle Cut Technology

Dramatically improve sparkle
without changing the integrity or
weight of a diamond.

Our patent-pending nanotechnology unleashes 50% to 100% more
sparkling light and an unimaginable burst of brilliant color from the top of
every naturally-mined, ethically-sourced diamond.

Who We Are

The creator and manufacturer of sparkle improvement services to
manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers.

How It Works

Sparkle Cut Technology can increase the visible and measurable sparkle
of diamonds by 50-100%.

Using proprietary algorithms and highly sophisticated manufacturing techniques and
software, we create undetectable microscopic grooves on the surface of lower pavilions.
This redirects light that would normally leak from the diamond through the pavilions,
back up through the table where light meets the eye.

Round Diamonds

It can be used on round diamonds of any color, clarity or carat weight. The service will be
available on fancy shapes in the future.

The Results

Diamonds with Exceptional Sparkle to the naked eye, which along with
size, is what consumers want most from their diamonds.


Improve Inventory

Turn stale inventory and improve underperforming diamonds by
brightening their sparkle, and simply make them better and
more beautiful.

Higher Sales
Conversion Rates,
Pricing & Margins

Diamonds displaying the exceptional Sparkle created by Sparkle
Cut Technology are more appealing to jewelers and consumers,
resulting in higher sales conversion rates, pricing and margins.

Unique Upselling

Offer a Sparkle Improvement Service option to consumers as
they make a purchase, and thereby increase selling price,
margins and customer satisfaction.

Customer Aquisition
& Retention

Acquire or retain customers by making their old jewelry
exceptional again or giving their diamonds a new life with this
unique upgrading service.

Custom Collections
or Brands

Procure diamonds with Sparkle Cut Technology and create a
unique and highly sought after branded line or collection.

Meet The Team

The team behind
Sparkle Cut Technology

Patrick Hopf
Co-Founder & CEO

A former venture capitalist and entrepreneurial
executive, Pat focuses on early-stage
companies with the potential to disrupt
old-line industries. He was the Chairman of
the Sleep Number Bed for 13 years.

Kalpesh Jhaveri

A leader in the diamond industry, Kalpesh
Jhaveri is the Founder and CEO of K.R. Gems
& Diamonds International – home of the
Eighternity™ diamond – as well as COO of
Sparklecut Technologies.

James Dimick
Business Development

A leader in developing return on investment
strategy and delivering positive brand
experience. James lays the foundation for
long-term success and profitability of an


JD&Co offers everything under one roof in its state-of-the-art facility, offers a
complete menu of specialized offerings to the trade and provides its customers with a
24/7 online job tracking tool to help monitor the status of jobs in progress.



Sparkle Cut Technology offers a low cost service with the
price based on volume and carat weight. All
manufacturing is currently done in the United States.

To learn more, please email