See the light

For thousands of years, gemologists have worked to harness the light in diamonds.
We just cracked the code.

If you could find a way to make diamonds even sparklier, wouldn’t you? Well that’s exactly what our R&D team has done – perfected a technique that makes diamonds dazzle. Our patent-pending nanotechnology unleashes 50% to 100% more sparkling light from the top of every natural mined, ethically-sourced diamond.

In the beginning

We start with well-proportioned and professionally cut diamonds, carefully selected for their light performance and visual beauty. We choose only eye-clean stones - some even J or K in color - because when we Sparkle Cut them, they look like diamonds that cost thousands more. We can also source any diamond color or clarity you prefer. Just call us..

Prime time

Then we prepare each diamond so we can safely use our fancy space-agey-sounding machine to make the appropriate cuts.If you want to nerd-out with us, it’s called a focused ion beam machine. And it’s really cool.

Unleashing ions

Inside the machine, charged ions are focused onto the surface of the diamond in strategically placed patterns.

A cut above

The ion beam creates a series of milled grooves on the pavilion to maximize sparkle.And those grooves keep the light entering a diamond from escaping out the bottom and in turn send it back out the top, so you can see it. We are setting Sparkle records with this technique.

Invisible artistry

The cuts are so small that they’re invisible. And they don’t change the carat weight or GIA/IGI grading of the diamond.

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"We scientifically measure the amount of sparkle a diamond generates. A number of Sparkle Cut’s diamonds have achieved our highest sparkle rating, and many of their other diamonds are not far behind."

– Randall Wagner,
CEO, GemEx Systems

Before & After

Use the slider to see how our nanotechnology takes this diamond from sparkly to sparkliest.

Diamond pictured: GemEx# SC-00182, 0.50 carats

See the full GemEx report

Diamond pictured: GemEx# SC-00182, 0.50 carats

See the full GemEx report

What makes
Sparkle Cut sparkle?

Diamonds in
the rough.

Our GIA and IGI graded natural mined diamonds are hand-selected from thousands for their sparkle and light performance.

Leave no trace.

At 1/50th the size of a human hair, the nano-cuts we make in each diamond are invisible. Even with the likes of a 30x jeweler’s loupe.

Keep your carats.

Our cuts won’t alter the weight of your diamond. Remember, we want you to have sparkle, in a bigger-than-you-ever-thought-you-could-have size.

The same grade.
Only better.

Our cuts won’t change the original industry grading of your diamond. But they will give you more bling for your buck.

First of its kind.

Precision technology of this kind is typically used in the semiconductor and biotech industries. But now you can wear it, proudly.