Katie, Santa Cruz

“These are the first diamonds I’ve ever owned. I love them. They sparkle like crazy and make me feel gorgeous.”

#SC-00503, IGI Report 1 IGI Report 2


Candise, San Diego

“I have a few high-quality diamond pieces. And I can't even tell the difference between my Sparkle Cut J  grade diamond and my D grade diamonds.”

#SC-00345, IGI Report


Charles, San Diego

“She absolutely loved it. The diamond is stunning. At first glance, my jeweler told me it looked higher quality than the IGI certificate.”

#SC-00177, GIA Report


Cathy, Minneapolis

“I am in LOVE with my spiral ring from Sparkle Cut. The half carat diamonds look spectacular, and the ring is a true conversation starter.”

#SC-00182-187, GIA Report 1 GIA Report 2

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