Our 10 promises to you.


We never, ever use blood diamonds.

There's no tiptoeing around this issue. We only source conflict-free diamonds. And we work with suppliers who are part of the Responsible Jewelry Council – a group that follows a strict ethical code around human rights, labor rights, and environmental impact. Plus, we only do business with organizations committed to the Kimberley Process.


We’ve got more sparkle. And the numbers to prove it.

Sparkle Cut Diamonds have more sparkle than even higher-grade color and clarity diamonds that cost thousands of dollars more. How much more sparkle? Between 50% and 100%, according to the experts. And we only sell diamonds that meet our exceptional Sparkle standard.


If you purchase a diamond with more sparkle than ours, we'll give you $200.

All of our diamonds have their sparkle levels mathematically measured by GemEx Systems. If you’ve purchased a competitor’s diamond and it proves to have more sparkle than ours, we’ll put our money where our mouth is.


We've got a best-in-class return policy.

We want you to be happy, no, thrilled with your purchase. So, if you’re having any doubts, call our customer service line to initiate a return. You’ll get a full refund for returns made within 40 days, no questions asked.


Our diamonds are authenticated by leading third-party gemologists.

The industry experts evaluating our diamonds don’t grade on a curve. So, if they say a diamond is great, you’ll know it’s really something special. The documentation shipped with your diamond lists all the fine details, like authenticity and light performance ratings.


We ensure – and insure – your diamonds are delivered.

This might not be The Most Important Purchase You Ever Make, but it’s probably in your Top 5. And we want to make sure your package makes it to you. So, all of our diamonds are shipped to you free of charge (via FedEx) and are fully insured for their full value.


Our diamonds come with a lifetime warranty.

Diamonds should last a lifetime, right? So, if your product is defective, we’ll repair or replace it at no cost to you. (Sorry, this doesn’t include diamond-down-the-drain situations, etc.). Just contact our customer service line and have your Sparkle Cut ID available.


Only Sparkle Cut offers Sparkle Cut Diamonds. (Duh.)

Sparkle Cut Diamonds are a proprietary product – we ethically source them, we own them, cut them, sell them, and are even patenting them. We’re the only diamond company that literally sells sparkle.


When you order from us, what you see is what you get.

If you order a diamond listed on our website, you aren’t getting a diamond similar to it – you’re getting the exact same diamond pictured. No substitutions. No bait and switch. And yes, it will be an authentic, all-natural diamond. We guarantee it.


We don’t use smoke and mirrors to display our diamonds.

Our one-of-a-kind diamonds are glamorous. You can inspect each Sparkle Cut diamond, which is 3rd party photographed and authenticated, and view with magnification so you can see its unique sparkle patterns.

We talk the talk. Now see how we walk the walk.

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