How to find the right ring for her

Whether or not you’re surprising your bae with the big question, you may need some help navigating the myriad of ring styles on the market. Before you dive into shopping, read these tips for “Yes!” results.

1 Learn the basics.

If you haven’t been scrutinizing engagement rings your whole life (who has?), you should at least learn the basic ring types to prep yourself. There are four basic types: Solitaire, Accented Solitaire (otherwise known as Side Stone), Three Stone and Halo.

Solitaires are a single stone ring – the most classic pick.

Accented Solitaires showcase the center diamond with additional stones flanking it. Sometimes, these rings have pavé bands, with a continuous row of tiny diamonds.

Three-Stones have three diamonds set next to each other representing past, present and future, with the center stone being the largest.

Halos feature a center stone encircled by little diamonds for more sparkle, giving the illusion of a larger center stone.

2 Discover her style.

The stealth approach – Pay attention. No, seriously! Her go-to jewelry pieces will help guide you toward her preferences. Does her jewelry look traditional, vintage, modern or classic? Is it dainty, sophisticated, simple or fancy? Does she wear more gold or silver?

Consider her personality and habits. If she’s sporty, you might opt for a low-profile style. If she’s more on the elegant side, consider something more ornamental.

Pay attention to what she’s looking at in magazines, on Pinterest, or while shopping. If you’re lucky, she might even drop some verbal cues for you.

Phone a friend – Don’t be bashful about enlisting her closest friends or family to help guide your selection. They probably know her style already, or she may have told them what she’d like if you were to pop the question. If her ring size is still in question, they could even do a little recon while out shopping with her.

Explore together – Shopping for a ring can be a joint effort if you’ve already talked about marriage. Carve out a whole day to explore – maybe even with dueling laptops – so you can maximize your finds.

3 Find her ring size.

First things first. Remember you’re fitting for the ring finger on the left hand. If the proposal is a surprise, you should try to borrow a ring she wears on that same finger. Measure the internal diameter of the ring in millimeters, and see how it correlates to our sizing guide. Once you know her size, make a note so you don’t forget. When in doubt, buy larger. It’s easier to reduce a ring size than it is to increase it.

4 Know your budget.

Don’t be fooled, there truly is a ring for every budget. The notion that you have to spend three months’ salary is an outdated marketing ploy created in the Dirty Thirties. Just set your budget and stick to it. It will help guide your purchase and give you some parameters to work within.