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We want you to have a remarkably sparkly diamond in a bigger-than-you-ever-thought-you-could-have size.
So that’s all we sell. Period.

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No loupes necessary.

We’re trained to believe that choosing a diamond is hard and mysterious. But the simple fact is – if it looks big and sparkly, it is big and sparkly. For most soon-to-be-engaged humans, this is what’s important. Make your decision on what you can see.

The 4C's had a good run.
Now, meet the 3S's.


Let’s face it. It matters. Especially with diamonds. Sparkle Cut diamonds give you the most sparkle for the greatest value so you can get a diamond bigger than you imagined.


By far, the most sought after diamond shape (and the sparkliest) is the round cut – and Sparkle Cut has perfected it.


Sparkle Cut maximizes the sparkle in every diamond. You get 50% to 100% more sparkle than stones that cost thousands more.

“I stare at my diamond a thousand times a day. It's one full carat of unbelievable sparkle. I feel like I need sunglasses just to look at it.”

– Jennifer

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Sometimes your lobes need some sparkle, too. Dress them up with solitaires.

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