If you’re new to diamonds, sparkle might sound like something we made up, but it’s actually a pretty standard term in the industry. Sparkle is a measurement of how much flashing light a diamond reflects. We developed our diamond cut with a specific focus on maximizing sparkle – up to 100% more than other diamonds of similar size, weight and cut.
Check out our Sparkle Cut Technology page. We use focused ion beam equipment to redirect light beams up through the table – or top – of the diamond. The light that was escaping just needed an innovative technology to steer it back up toward the eye.
No, our cuts are so tiny (think smaller than 1/50th of a human hair) that they don’t remove enough material to affect the weight of the diamond.
It doesn’t change the shape, but it definitely looks different – meaning, sparklier.
The 4C’s have historically provided a way to consistently evaluate diamonds. Carat Size and Cut are evaluated objectively, while Color and Clarity are evaluated subjectively. The rarer a particular characteristic, the more it costs. Except in extreme cases (super high cost or very poor-quality diamonds), consumers can’t really see the difference between diamonds with color grades in the G through K range, and clarity grades in the VS1-SI2 range. But jewelers would love consumers to buy diamonds with higher color and clarity grades because they cost thousands of dollars more.
No, it’s actually cut that affects sparkle. There’s no definitive industry evidence proving that color or clarity affect the amount of sparkle a diamond generates – either positively or negatively. And the bonus is, you can recognize exceptional sparkle in diamonds of any carat size.
We asked more than 1000 consumers, “What makes a diamond look pretty?” People answered, “Sparkle, size and shape.” Consumers didn’t focus on color or clarity. The gist is that people want a really, really sparkly diamond in a bigger-than-they-ever-thought-possible size. They want to pay for what they can see (size, shape and sparkle), not what they can’t see (color and clarity). If you’re curious, take a poll to see how many of your married friends and family remember what the 4C’s are all about. Chances are: Not. That. Many.
It’s up to you, but online diamond sales are growing much faster than brick and mortar stores for a reason. Jewelry stores offer a limited selection in most price ranges and carat sizes and, since they have a lot of overhead, the price of the merchandise naturally goes up. As an online retailer, we provide guarantees that you get the exact diamond you order – and make it safe to do so. You can shop hundreds of diamonds on our site, and see them magnified or in a 360-degree rotating view. This type of display allows you to see a diamond's qualities much better than at a store. And, if you’re less than thrilled with your Sparkle Cut purchase, we also have a generous 40-day refund policy.
Yes, a third party quantifiably measures the sparkle of every one of our diamonds. Every Sparkle Cut diamond is rated either Very High +, Very High, or High/Very High, and every diamond we sell comes with a Light Performance Certificate. If another jeweler tries to sell you on sparkle, request a Light Performance Certificate so you can compare.
There’s no reason it should be appraised below cost based on the 4C’s evaluations in the industry grading report. Historically, appraisals haven’t been judged by the level of sparkle in a diamond.
By today’s standards, greater sparkle doesn’t actually add economic value. Talk to us a few years from now, though, and we’ll likely be singing another tune.
It’s fair to say that there’s been a lack of transparency in the diamond industry. The selling process can feel both mysterious and intimidating. As you’ll see in our Promises section, we’re on a mission to demystify the experience and treat consumers with honesty and respect.
Our GIA or IGI certified diamonds are never altered by laser drilling, fracture filling, or any other technology designed to modify a diamond’s natural integrity or trick a customer. Our leading-edge technology simply consists of microscopic cuts so precise that they are commonly used in the semiconductor and biotechnology sectors. Even with a 30x jeweler’s loupe, these cuts are invisible. The Sparkle Cut Diamond’s shape, size, and clarity are also not altered by our proprietary cuts. Their GIA or IGI ratings remain consistent. What is altered, and improved, is the light performance of our natural diamonds. Think Sparkle, Fire, and Brilliance.
We’re looking for the diamonds in the rough. We turn away about half of the diamonds we review because they don’t meet our sparkle standards or light performance test. For those that do, they undergo Sparkle Cut’s patented nano-cutting techniques. Then we make them available for purchase. We only start with great diamonds – and make them even more spectacular.
Yes and yes. We source from suppliers committed to the Kimberley Process for preventing the flow of conflict diamonds. And we follow rigorous ethical and environmental standards by partnering with organizations like the Responsible Jewellery Council. Read more about that here.
We put our initial R&D effort into rounds, because about 70% of all engagement rings are rounds, and most diamond earring studs are as well. Our staff is working to improve the sparkle of other diamond shapes, so we can offer more selection in 2019.
Easy. Our philosophy is that you should pay for what you see: size, shape, and sparkle. People can’t really see the color difference between I through K and higher-grade diamonds with the naked eye. Yet those higher grade diamonds cost a lot more. Our nano-cutting technology makes diamonds of all color grades have dramatically more sparkle, so I, J, K diamonds look incredible with Sparkle Cut – and can save you money.
A thousand times yes. We own the inventory, so we can ensure you get exactly the diamond you selected and purchased.
Yes, we have access to millions of styles. Just ask a Sparkle Specialist if you’d like to see something specific. We’ve curated the collections on our site based on what’s trending.
Rings and earrings are offered now, and pendants are coming in 2019!
Our company has been brewing its ideas over three years of intensive R&D work. We had to prove our diamond jewelry had discernibly better sparkle before launching to the public. During this incubation period, we also built a strong relationship with an industry supplier with nearly 50 years’ experience. We began selling Sparkle Cut Diamonds in 2018.
Yes, since color and clarity don’t affect sparkle, you can easily pay thousands of dollars more for higher grades of color and clarity – without as much bling. Our diamonds are also less expensive than jewelry stores because we don’t have buildings and fixtures to maintain, or salespeople to pay.
We’re taking the direct-to-consumer approach, like many of your favorite brands. It’s how we deliver a superior product at a highly efficient cost structure. What that means for you is more money in your pocket.
We used to say that about Amazon shopping, too. The reality is that 10-12% of diamond jewelry in the U.S. is sold online, and that number is likely to double in the next few years. There are so many benefits to buying jewelry online: lower costs, greater selection and customization, greater product visibility, convenience, curated content, and no intimidating salespeople. To learn how we’re addressing the risks associated with shipping valuables like diamonds, read our Promises section.
Allow us to get all pumped on ourselves for a second. Our Sparkle Cut Technology enables us to make diamonds sparkle 50% to 100% more than most, which means we can make diamonds across a larger range of color and clarity grades look spectacular. Because of this, and the fact that they’re sold online, you save money. (Money that you can put toward a larger diamond, if you want). Plus, you can customize your setting and diamond selections, without being hassled by a pushy salesperson.
Our leadership team has worked for renowned companies including Apple, Movado and Sleep Number Beds. We bring our integrity to work every day. And we’re unified by a collective mission to deliver better products – with more transparency – to people making one of the biggest investments of their life.
Many diamond retailers will say they have sparkly diamonds because it’s a common marketing spin, but most don’t actually measure their sparkle like we do. GemEx Systems scientifically measures every one of our diamonds for brilliance, fire and sparkle. So, if you find a comparable diamond of the same weight, cut and shape with more sparkle than ours, and have a GemEx Light Performance Certificate* to prove it, we’ll send you $200.** Just verify your purchase and the sparkle rating, and we’ll put our money where our mouth is. We stand behind our pledge, even if the comparable diamond has a higher color and clarity rating.

*A GemEx Light Performance Certificate measures brilliance, fire and sparkle as defined by GemEx Systems.

** The comparable diamond must cost more than $2500.
Sign us up! The best way we can help them find “the one” is to make an appointment with one of our Sparkle Specialists. Then they can have a chat, free of charge, about wants, needs, questions and concerns.
You can make an appointment with a Sparkle Specialist to get all the guidance you need: specialist@sparklecut.com
Very important question – and one that will help you avoid disappointment. Start here, with our Ring Sizing Guide. You can also go to a jeweler and ask to get sized.
Yes, some rings can be engraved. Give us call at 855-771-1969 to talk about engraving. Just note that we can’t accept any returns after we’ve embedded your special message.
You fancy, huh?! Yes. Just call us, and we’ll likely be able to source your ideal diamond. This process typically takes between one and three weeks, depending on the request.
We can expedite your order if you’re in a rush, but we typically deliver orders within 10 business days.
We use the latest security technology to ensure your personal information and credit card number stay safe. We also insure the shipping of your diamond until you sign for it at your doorstep.
Yes, you can finance through our financing partner for 6, 12, or 24 months.* Simply click the PAY OVER TIME button in your cart to apply. Learn more.
*The term is for a loan to finance a purchase. Rates range from 5.99% to 29.99% APR, resulting in, for example, 24 equal monthly payments of $45.22 to $55.91 per $1,000 borrowed. Your terms may vary and are subject to credit approval. Bread® loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey Chartered Bank, Member FDIC.
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Our 40-day return policy is best in class for the industry. We’re pretty sure you’re going to love your diamond, but stuff happens. We get it.

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