Ethical Sourcing

Yes to Ethical Sourcing

Ethical practices drive everything we do. We believe all people and the planet should be cared for, and we’ve worked diligently to select partners that practice and protect the same values as us. Fortunately, you’re buying jewelry at a time when major industry players and the United Nations have made extensive progress toward ensuring the development of ethical diamond and metal supply chains.

By following the Kimberley Process and partnering with organizations committed to like-minded ethical standards, we’ve made a commitment to human rights, labor rights, safe mining practices, environmental responsibility and transparency with our consumers through product disclosures.

The Sparkle Cut promise.

We adhere to rigorous ethical and environmental standards because it’s the right thing to do – and we support these standards globally. Our jewelry is made with extreme care in the United States from a collection of ethically-sourced natural and recycled materials. We’re proud of the products we make and the life-long joy they represent. When you choose Sparkle Cut Diamond jewelry, you’re choosing a product you can enjoy without worry or hesitation.

The proof is in our practices.

Our diamonds and metals are sourced from suppliers devoted to ethical production practices. Since they’re members and supporters of the following organizations and protocols, you can rest assured that your diamonds and jewelry have been held to the highest standards.

The Kimberley Process

Unifies efforts to reduce the flow of conflict diamonds – rough diamonds used to finance wars against governments – around the world. Stems 99.8% of the global production of conflict diamonds.
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Responsible Jewellery Council

Ensures a code of practices that addresses human rights, labor rights, environmental impact, mining practices, product disclosure and many other important topics in the jewelry supply chain.
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SCS Global Services Certification

Ensures that 100% of our jewelry uses recycled metal content. SCS is the globally recognized leader for third-party standards of verification for environmental and sustainability claims.
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Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of America (DMIA)

Helps promote the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism in the American marketplace.
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Additionally, all of our diamonds are screened to ensure we’re delivering 100% natural mined diamonds, not synthetic diamonds. Screening is done through the Automatic Melee Screening Device, in accordance with De Beers’ protocols.