August 14, 2019

Trust Your Eyes and Emotions

Every story has a beginning, middle and end and without these, a story is incomplete. Stories teach us. The same is true of diamonds. We want to unveil mysterious diamond secrets to help you determine if a diamond is the right one for you.

Real is rare, as the generic marketing campaign suggests, but what does that mean to you? We’re shifting the focus to what you like rather than what the industry’s pushing at you with the 4C’s.

First of all, what draws you to a diamond? Is the flash of blue under certain lighting? Is it the way you feel when you look at or wear it? Does it represent emotional connection? Is it the ultimate sign of true love? Does size matter? Does it make you feel glam? Is it a status symbol? Is it a reward for a life achievement?

Let’s say you really like that flash of blue, the presence of fluorescence, emitted from about one-third of all diamonds when viewed under UV light. Although the industry doesn’t value fluorescence, according to a 1996 GIA study, florescence results in brighter diamonds. It can also cause a cloudy or hazy appearance, however, so it’s important to look for transparency.

And if you could find a way to make diamonds even sparklier, but cost less, wouldn’t you? Well that’s exactly what our R&D team has done. Our nanotechnology unleashes 50% to 100% more sparkling light from the top of every natural mined, ethically-sourced diamond, which is great news for the budget-conscious buyer. With more sparkle at a lower price, regardless of the presence of fluorescence, you can afford that one-carat diamond you really, really want. And it’s the 3S’s — Size, Shape and Sparkle — that you’ll notice every time you look at your ring.

A dramatic display of sparkle is show-stopping, yet most diamond grading reports don’t tell the whole story. So trust your eyes and emotions. It’s a real thing. Don’t pay for something you can’t see. Focus instead on what’s visible to your naked eye. More sparkle + less cost = a lifetime of enjoyment.

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