February 18, 2019

Trade-offs and Trade Ups in the Sea of Diamond Information

(Make the 4Cs work for you, not your jeweler.)

Trade-offs are part of daily life. Surfing or skiing? Hawaii or Alaska? Burgers or sushi? You get the picture. When it comes to diamonds, though, the trade-offs have far greater monetary consequences. But it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming decision. With a few easy questions (and tips), we can help you determine the trade-offs that are most important to you. (Tip: trust your eyes and your heart; no one will critique your diamond through a jeweler’s loupe, except a jeweler.)

Carat size, color, clarity and cost are all up for consideration when deciding on the diamond you want. For most people, what they really want is Size, Shape, and Sparkle (the 3 S’s), but since most diamond retailers don’t even measure Sparkle, people purchase diamonds without knowing how much Sparkle they have. (Tip: diamonds often look very different outside of the lighting in a jewelry store.)

Sparkle is our raison d’etre. It’s what we do. With Sparkle Cut Diamonds, Sparkle is always measured and never sacrificed. We can say that because all our diamonds have a High/Very High, Very High, or Very High + Sparkle rating, or we don’t sell them. We scientifically measure Sparkle and provide you with independent documentation verifying the results. Others talk about Sparkle while bamboozling you with their special lighting intended to make you swoon over something that might be way out of your budget. Our diamonds Sparkle in any light. Even candlelight. We’re thrilled that one of our diamonds received the highest Sparkle rating ever recorded by GemEx Systems, and a number of our other diamonds are close behind. At Sparkle Cut Diamonds, we love blowing away the norm, and it’s the reason for our Promises and our money back Sparkle Pledge.

Have a few questions of your own? Tricky questions, you might think? Like what are the 4 C’s? What’s a VVS2? Why does an F color, VSI1 clarity diamond cost twice as much as a J color, SI1 clarity diamond, when I can’t see the difference? Should I buy a 1.0 Carat diamond with average sparkle, and color and clarity benefits I can’t see, or should I buy a 1.25 Carat diamond with exceptional Sparkle for less money?

Questions are good — you deserve to be an informed shopper since you’re about to do the backstroke in a sea of diamonds. Your only mission is to come out with that perfect diamond held high over your wet head intended to celebrate betrothal to the love of your life.

So let’s say you’re holding a 1.0 carat, G color diamond when you finally drag yourself out of the sea of diamonds. Be prepared to pay $2,000 to $3000 more than you would for a J color Sparkle Cut Diamond of the same size, a diamond with significantly more Sparkle than that G color diamond you found in the sea. (Tip: the naked eye can’t tell the difference between G and J.) That’s a considerable trade-off.

If your thing is clarity, and you decide the 1.0 carat, J color, Sparkle Cut Diamond with Sl2 clarity is the one, congratulations. It’ll cost $1,000 to $1,500 less than a VS1 clarity diamond, and will have significantly more Sparkle than just any Sl2 clarity diamond you might find in your search. Since you can’t see the difference, we think clarity can be a great trade-off, too, in return for exceptional Sparkle; a larger diamond and/or a lower cost.

Finally, you’ve decided on the trade-offs, and now you have a 1.0 ctw, J color, Sl2 clarity Sparkle Cut diamond. Guess what? You just saved yourself a cool $5,000 by not buying that G color diamond with VS1 clarity from the sea of diamonds. All without sacrificing even a glimmer of Sparkle. That’s because our diamonds have 50–100% greater Sparkle than most diamonds, as a result of our innovative, proprietary, nano-technology cutting process. Twice as much Sparkle. Now that’s a lot of Sparkle.

(Tip: no one wearing a diamond wishes it was smaller and less sparkly.)

If you look at a thousand diamonds, you will come to realize that color and clarity have nothing to do with Sparkle. Sparkle is generated by cut. While you can definitely get that super sparkly G color diamond with the VS1 clarity from our sea of diamonds also, why pay for something you can’t see with the naked eye? Why not go bigger with J color and Sl1 or SI2 clarity? Our unlimited selection of diamonds, including custom carat weights, have more spectacular Sparkle than anything you’ll find at a retail jeweler. Sparkle Cut Diamonds aren’t commodity diamonds you can get from “a guy down the street,” while wondering where they’ve been. They’re as different and unique as the person you are about to marry.

As long as we’re talking trade-offs, what about carat weight? It’s interesting to note that a 1.0 carat diamond can cost more that twice as much as a .75 Carat diamond. But a 1.25 carat weight diamond only costs about 25% more than a 1.0 carat weight diamond.

And maybe with the other smart (and invisible) trade-offs you’ve made, you can add to the carat weight of your diamond — something everyone can see and enjoy. (Tip: more Sparkle makes a diamond appear larger. So does a white gold or a platinum mount for the diamond, as well as a halo setting.)

We’d be honored to help you make the right decision, even if you find a diamond somewhere else you like better. We can help you confidently select the combination of size-cost-color-clarity-cut-Sparkle that’s best for you, because we know this is a really important decision.

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