March 21, 2019

Meet the Sparkle Cut Team

Who are the bold diamond industry disrupters, pioneers of a proprietary nanotechnology that increases a diamond’s sparkle by 50-to-100 percent — no matter the color, clarity or cut of a diamond? It’s the same team that is focused on what customers want most — size and sparkle — and the team who encourages customers to trust what they can see with their own eyes. The 3S’s — Size, Shape & Sparkle.

Meet our leadership team.

Jo Lawson, MBA & Chief Executive Officer

Jo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Sparkle Cut Diamonds through her executive roles at some of the world’s most recognizable and innovative brands. With global leadership positions at both Apple and Movado, Jo is continually on a quest to determine how the customer will benefit from every product she represents. Due to her engaging leadership style, not only are customers committed to long-lasting brand loyalty and affinity, but employees are passionate about brand vision and dedicated to excellence.

Patrick Hopf, MBA & Chairman & Cofounder

Pat is experienced with industry disruption, uniquely qualifying him for his role at Sparkle Cut Diamonds. As a former venture capitalist and entrepreneurial executive, he possesses a keen understanding of start-ups with the potential to disrupt traditional industries with superior and revolutionary products or services. Pat also served on the board of Sylvan Learning, and was Chairman of Sleep Number Bed for twelve years. As an innovator, he also founded St. Paul Venture Capital, and Petstuff, which he later sold to PetsMart.

Mark de Naray, BSIE, MSIE, President & Chief Operating Officer & Cofounder

Mark has enjoyed long-term entrepreneurial success by building innovative and successful brands across multiple sectors, bringing vast technical experience to Sparkle Cut Diamonds. As former President / CEO of eight different consumer businesses, including Sleep Number Bed, Mark implemented successful brand strategies with his ingenious products. Delivering rapid growth in sales and profitability, he also built the efficient manufacturing systems and supply chains around these radical brands.

Jo, Pat and Mark also surround themselves with a highly-qualified team of advisors. Among them are GIA Certified Gemologists, CEO’s of a gem company and a robotics company, former CMO’s of luxury brands and the Diamond Producer’s Association, and a highly-respected talent executive.

With this strong leadership team, Sparkle Cut Diamonds is teaching customers to trust what they can see with their own eyes and pay for what they value most.