August 05, 2019

Engaged? Next Steps

Cloud nine is super fluffy and cozy. Staying up there is tempting, but so is broadcasting your engagement news far and wide. What to do?

1) Imagine if mom found out you got engaged by scrolling through her Facebook feed. First and foremost, call the parents, the siblings and the besties.

2) Make sure the ring is insured.

3) If the ring doesn’t fit, get it sized. It just wouldn’t be right to have that gorgeous symbol of love fall off while you’re standing on a bridge capturing a breathtaking selfie.

4) Get a mani. You’re showcasing your ring, so go with simple and understated, or bling it up with something wild.  Do it your way.

5) Take awesome selfies of your new sparkle to share with the world. Focus on the ring and use good lighting so it sparkles to its best advantage. Then after you and your partner spend a little quiet time basking in love’s glow, post a few to indicate your new status. Rack up the hearts.

6) Decide on a vague date or season for the wedding. People will ask. Venues book months, even years in advance, so if you’re dreaming of a specific spot, start calling.  Plan around the family schedules, too, so you’re not tying the knot while Granny is cruising the Alaskan waterways.

7) Celebrate your engagement. Whether you choose a backyard barbecue or a nearby upscale restaurant, the party should celebrate your style. Invite those closest to you, but don’t commit to anything wedding related at this point. Ideas about your wedding, and relationships with friends and family can alter over the course of your engagement, resulting in a desire to modify the bridal party and guest list. Neither are something you’ll want to attempt after you’ve made commitments.

8) Designate a few places around your home to place your ring when removing it for exercise, showering, dishwashing, etc.  Safeguard it by investing in a few nice ring dishes to put in safe spots near where you remove your ring.

9) Keep the ring sparkling with our easy home-care instructions.

10) Start shopping for a wedding band that suits your budget and style, and compliments the engagement ring. This should be a fun exercise. Do something intimate and celebratory after making your selection. We’d suggest the ethically-sourced, naturally mined diamonds at for more dazzling sparkle.

11) Peep bridal trunk show schedules. No big rush at the moment, but a trunk show can help you score something finesse, within your budget, to wear on your big day. 

12) Start a wedding Pintrest board, purchase bridal magazines, read blogs, watch wedding movies.  Have fun just thinking about planning your wedding.  Some of our favs include The Wedding Planner, Father of the Bride, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and Royal Wedding.

13) Spend precious moments together celebrating your love before you jump into the wedding planning vortex. It gets more and more hectic as the wedding date approaches, so chillax together as much as possible. 

14) Pick up a wedding planner book or download an app, but hold off on hiring an actual wedding planner until you have more of this stuff figured out.  Dream about what you want.  Contemplate the budget, dress, venue, bridal party, guest list, stationary, and whether or not you even want to hire a coordinator.

15) Create a wedding website. Hold off on registering, though, until you really, really know what you want.

16) Pick a non-wedding goal you can achieve together and start working on it, like learning a foreign language, hiking a mountain trail, taking kiteboarding lessons. It’ll help when you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions, personalities, input, feedback, and free advice flying at you from all directions.

It’s about to get cray-cray. Laugh together, play together, spend quiet time together. Stay true to yourselves. You’re planning the ultimate celebration of your love. Make it about you.

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